European Christmas Markets

The Show: Strasbourg


We now come to France, and visit Strasbourg in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. We learn about the town, and see the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the burgher houses, and the La Petite France portion of the town, with its canals and locks.

One tradition in Strasbourg is the "all-out" decorating done by the shopkeepers in the front of their stores. Garlands, bright colored balls, polar bears, angels; anything goes, and is done big. We visit two of the Christmas Markets in Strasbourg. One sits under the Cathedral, where we see a Santa band playing a tune, a cart with roasted chestnuts, and of course Gluhwien and decorations of all types. The second market specializes in regional products. We see a local craftsman wood-working in his stall, lots and lots of sweets, food, decorations, and even a Christmas tree lot. It is a magical sight.