European Christmas Markets

The Show: Heidelberg


This part of our visit is also in our extended version of the show, seen as a pledge show on PBS and also is part of the show DVD.

Heidelberg is the first university town of Germany situated along the Neckar River. Its castle ruins and the view from them is best described by Samuel Clemens (better known as Mr. Twain) in his A Tramp Abroad ... brown roofed town, picturesque bridges, soft and richly tinted plain, a serene and satisfying charm. We learn of the history of the castle, and look down at the Christmas markets in the town squares below. We visit the Christmas Market at Kornmarkt Square, as well as the Christmas Market in the main town square set up in front of the Heiliggeistkirche, the Holy Ghost Church, a 13th Century Gothic Church. Despite our mid-morning-time visit, the Gluhwien is already flowing and the stalls are ready with plenty of sweets and treats.