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Christmas on the Danube
European Christmas Markets
The Magic of Christmas in Alsace

Our trilogy of shows European Christmas Markets, Christmas on the Danube and The Magic of Christmas in Alsace are airing on public broadcasting stations this November and December. Check your local listings.

In our show European Christmas Markets, join us in discovering Europe’s Christmas Markets, where the town center, market square, or just the side of the narrow, cobblestone streets come alive in the dark of winter with festively decorated wooden stalls, offering hot wine, regional food, Christmas decorations, sweet confections, toys, regional crafts and local entertainment. We visit eight enchanting medieval and castle towns in Germany, France and Switzerland. We learn of the history of the town, see their Christmas markets, and celebrate the magic of the season. The show is made all the more delightful by the special folk arrangements of traditional Christmas carols performed by the Kingston Trio.

For our show Christmas on the Danube, we visit the magnificent cites along the Danube in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. We tell you of the history of the locations we visit, and show you the Christmas markets, holiday decoration and traditions, learning about such things as the ancient tradition of Gingerbread, and the lore behind the composition of that most famous Christmas carol, Silent Night. Classical music from the great composers of the regions we visit accompany our journey.

The Magic of Christmas in Alsace drops you into this small region of France where the residents of the story tale villages towns celebrate the holidays with over the top decorations and traditional celebrations. Learn of the legend of the first Christmas tree, see glassblowers at work, and join us on the Manger Trail and at a medieval Christmas market. As the grapes of the winemaking towns sleep for winter, the region explodes with color and creativity. Specially selected French carols performed by the Maine Girls Chorus enchant the show.

These shows will fill your senses with the warmth of the holiday season. It is truly a time of community, conviviality and color!